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Train your presentation skills by addressing large audiences on any imaginable stage, from the comfort of your own familiar environment. Learn from your own body (language), use of voice and speech. Become a next-level speaker with VR

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How it works

Step 1


Speaker puts on VR headset and a communication expert (colleague) takes place behind computer

Step 2


Colleague launches VR application and controls the simulated environment (audience, presentation)

Step 3


Speech is recorded and speaker data is stored in dashboard.

Step 4


Speaker and colleague analyse presentation and look for points of improvement.

Product features


The eye tracking function analyzes what you are looking at during your presentation. The data collected from this is visualized in this module. The green areas show where you have looked for a short period of time and the red areas mark where you have looked the most.


A phonetogram maps the level of speech and speech in the form of a heatmap. Using a phonetogram, it is possible to see what tone of voice was used during the presentation. This allows you to see if the speech contained sufficient variation, or whether it was too monotonous.


The speaker view is a video recording of what you’ve looked at during your presentation. This allows you to see for yourself whether you've looked at the audience, stared at your feet or studied the ceiling.


The soundwave widget shows the decibel and frequency of the speaker: every second of the speech.


This allows you to watch the powerpoint slides used by the speaker during the speech.

Heartrate monitor

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Become a next-level speaker
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Patch notes

New in version 1.6.3

14 December 2018

  • Added cheat sheets. you can now see your powerpoint on your wrist by pressing a button on the controllers. For Oculus press the Y/B button and for Vive press the menu button, which is located above the trackpads.
  • Added powerpoint laptop to university stage.
  • Added a desk & powerpoint laptop to classroom stage.
  • Changed floor in the preparation room as preparation for future update plans.
  • Uploading your data is now smoother and should no longer lag the application.

Known Issues

  • Due to using a new method for uploading data, the percentage progression of how much a file has been uploaded cannot be shown.